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Historic and picturesque Bagdad Village is located in Northwest Florida near the City of Milton. An oasis of peace, is located on the banks of the beautiful Blackwater River.

Bagdad is located at 30.58º North and 87.03º West of the prime meridian.

As early as 1840, Bagdad was a thriving port producing and shipping more yellow pine lumber than any port in the world. By 1900, Bagdad Village had become one of the most industrialized areas in the State of Florida.

Life in Bagdad centered around the saw mill and logging industries pioneered by Joseph Forsyth and partners. The daily thumps, clanks and whine of the mills continued for over 111 years until the Depression and depletion of natural resources silenced them forever in 1939.

The mill village was bustling with many small businesses to serve the needs of the mill workers and their families. There were grocery stores, bakeries, butcher shops, boarding houses, hotels, blacksmiths, a movie theater, barber shops and even a funeral home.

Bagdad had its own school and post office. The children attended school in a two-story building located on Mill Street where the present day Village Offices are now situated.

The mill workers and their families were a close-knit community that enjoyed many social activities such as picnics, fishing derbies, oyster roasts and dances. The annual 4th of July celebration was always a grand event with a big parade down Main Street followed by a sumptuous picnic dinner.

The mill workers toiled long hours in the hot sun and were paid very little for their labor. They were required to purchase many of their supplies from the company store which often charged high prices. The workers lived in company-owned houses and were charged with working the fields.

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